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Who we are


Founded as Project Management Agency for the «Electromobility Model Region» Vorarlberg project, the VLOTTE is wholly-owned subsidiary of the illwerke vkw group, the local electricity producer and distributor in . Key competence areas include «decentralised energy grids», «photovoltaic», «energy monitoring», «energy efficiency and alternative energies» and project management. VLOTTE is primarily responsible for the implementation and support of the model region project and serves as platform for all partners. One of the major tasks is worldwide monitoring of new technologies in connection with electromobility. With the execution of on-road tests new technologies are being checked for «mass suitability». Further tasks are centralised buying, negotiation of frame contracts, installation and coordination of service points and vehicle-oriented monitoring. Moreover, the corporation is responsible for a carbon neutral supply of energy and especially renewable energy. Apart from the initiation of local mobility projects the company also offers comprehensive mobility consulting and care for Europe-wide promotion of the project with targeted public relations.

Key facts electromobility in Vorarlberg

  • 357 e-cars during project (2009 – 2011)
  • 120 charging stations + 3 fast-charging stations
  • Energy for charging from additional built up power plants (photovoltaic and hydro power)
  • 2.5 million driven kilometers and over 400 tons of CO2 saved during project VLOTTE

What we do in the project

Concerning to the application form of Alpstore, VLOTTE and EEE are going to describe the national framework of storages in relation to mobility technology (plug-in electric, fuel cell, gas vehicles) and traffic patterns. In this case the national stakeholders, projects under way and possible collaboration should be elaborated. Further the impact of hybrid and electric as well as gas vehicles and future trends, energy storages, smart grids and renewable energy sources should be considered in the analysis as well. At this point the focus should be on the transnational op-portunities e.g. roaming with e-cars, cross border aggregation of flexibility of mobile storages. Beyond master plans with specific emphasis on small hydro pump vs. mobile and stationary battery storage shall be developed. Further the VLOTTE will support the elaboration of guidelines for a mass rollout of electric vehicles following common structures. In a simulation, together with AUEW, the technical and financial effects in a cross border view shall be elaborated. In pilot test, which will have the focus on renewable sources, avoidance of peak loads for smart charging, smart storages, etc., a practical implementation shall show the possibilities of smart storages and smart charging at a chosen spot. VLOTTE will also contribute to the general terms of project management and dissemination and will host a technical symposium. The topic of the symposium is at the moment not precisely defined, but shall deal with the opportunity to get hands on an operating EV fleet.

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DI Gerhard Günther
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Stefan Hartmann BA, MSc
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