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The fields of activity of the Research Center for Energy Economics (FfE) comprise six main topics, which are generally of great importance in energy economics. These topics are both diverse and currently highly relevant.
Mobility and especially electromobility is an important research topic at the Research Center for Energy Economics. For this topic, the long-term goal of turning away from fossil fuels has the highest priority. Additionally, there is still a great potential for saving energy, for example, in the optimization of industrial plants and processes.
Another topic is the field production and market, which mainly deals with the analysis and prognosis of the energy supply in Germany. This also includes the relevant framework in environmental policy. The issue of energy storage and the expansion of grid capacity due to the increased consumption of renewable energy is addressed in the topic Storage and Grids.
Related to a more sustainable energy utilization, the topic Resources and Climate Protection, deals, for example, with CO2-emissions, regarding the possibilities of reducing them as well as the consequences of climate change in general.
Last but not least, the often considerable energy-saving potential for building services and electric devices is investigated in the topic Buildings and Devices.

What we do in the project

In the project AlpStore the Research Center for Energy Economics (FfE) contributes at various studies and the pilot project in Grafing.
• Berchtesgaden: Preparation of a new "master plan of energy storage" for the county. In focus of the analysis are calculations of the potential for energy storages in salt mines as well as the solar thermal heat storage in households (Partner: B.A.U.M.)
• Ebersberg: Preparation of a new "master plan of energy storage" for the county. The emphasis is placed mainly on the storage of biogas (Partner: B.A.U.M.)
• Grafing: Online survey of citizens of the small town Grafing about their acceptance of particular renewable energies and possible energy storages. Based on this survey will follow an analysis and simulation of necessary heat and biogas storages for an optimal supply of Grafing.
• Grafing: Based on the simulation we want to consider whether parts of the small town Grafing could be supplied and operated as an independent, self-sufficient cell with storages (Partner: B.A.U.M., Rothmoser)
Current information on the activities of the FfE in the project AlpStore can be found under

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Florian Samweber, Research Associate
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AlpStore FINAL CONFERENCE and Study Trip, February 26-27, 2015
A great success for the AlpStore final event in the Aosta Valley