PV-Storeplus E-Bike

Location of implementation: Oberallgäu, Germany

Involved Partners: BAUM/AÜEW

Short description of the PA:

Install stationary storage in Sonthofen (using 2nd life EV batteries from CH) to guarantee carbon free power for e-bikes and other electric vehicles - Utilization of stationary and mobile storages as buffer from decentralized and fluctuating produced renewable energies.

In Oberstdorf and Sonthofen, AlpStore plans to install stationary batteries that store true solar energy until it will be loaded into the batteries of E-Bikes. Tourists who rent E-bikes can then be 100 % sure that they bike with green energy. The project can be seen as a first step towards electric vehicle "filling stations” that can operate independent from the grid situation. A special clou: the batteries of the stationary solar buffer will enjoy a second life after they have been serving as batteries of electric vehicles.

In Kempten and Sonthofen, AlpStore partners AÜW and eza! will install battery storage homes an test it in real life conditions. An energy management system will control the flow of power between the PV system, the solar buffer and all appli­ances including the charge station for the electric scooter. Ongoing tests will un­veil how the system can be configured to optimize the consumption of self-gener­ated PV energy versus feeding it into the grid. One goal of the regional supplier AÜW is to learn about customer needs in order to develop new products and con­sult their clients. Tradeoffs of various configurations between home and grid will be assessed and fed into the regional and national governance processes.

In Oberallgäu region specifically, two different approaches will be implemented:

- PV-Storeplus E-Bike (Ref No. 10)

- PV-Storeplus Haus (Ref No. 11)

Objectives: Concreteness, transnational relevance & Innovation

- Charging points / Charging station for utilisation of solar energy for E-Bikes and Pedelecs

- Intermediate storage of solar energy in 2nd life batteries (possibly enabling quick charging)

- Testing, analysing and assessing applicability of 2nd life batteries for that kind of service

- E-Bikes/ Pedelecs as opener for a discussion about e-mobility and storage

- Research question: How important is the fact that they use green/renewable energy for their e-bike for the users?

Present stage of implementation

- Contacts made to University (Kempten) dealing with appropriate storage research

- Contacts made to 2nd life supplier

- Contacts made to two possible pilot sites

- Contacts made to e-bike rental company

Steps planned for next reporting period

Fixing of exact pilot side, choosing technology solution



AlpStore FINAL CONFERENCE and Study Trip, February 26-27, 2015
A great success for the AlpStore final event in the Aosta Valley