The partnership is complete and balanced. All Alpine countries and a variety of urban and rural regions are involved. Some more experts will be awarded contracts to get latest knowhow. 

The partnership includes relevant stakeholders from different levels and sectors to ensure a successful preparation and promotion of the ambitious project. All project partners together have vast experience in the fields of future mobility patterns, sustainable energy supply and grid operation. They will involve respective municipalities as well as scientific partners to bring together academia and practice. While final decisions have to be made in a formal procurement process, promising contacts have been made to world class cooperation partners. Local agencies and other stakeholders indicated willingness to contribute with specific knowhow.

AlpStore Team


Thus the entire consortium is equally balanced with

  • regional or urban development institutions
  • practice partners from mobility management
  • practice partners from power and mobility supply
  • scientific partners in the fields of energy, informatics and regional development
  • partners experienced in managing and evaluating large international development projects.
Map Alpine Space

The members of the consortium are: