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Who we are

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KWO (Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG) is the second largest hydropower complex in Switzerland, consisting of 9 Hydropower plants (1 pumped storage), 7 Storage lakes and producing 1600 GWh certified renewable energy, in total 6% of the nation’s production of Hydropower. "GrimselHydro” (refurbishment of turbine runners and other heavy hydropower infrastructure) and "Grimselwelt” a successful tourism destination, complete the corporate portfolio of activities.

In the field of sustainable development of the alpine valleys in the catchment basin of KWO, the company is engaged in landscape conservation (in collaboration with local farmers), Water protection (improving ecological quality of the water resources used for hydropower production) and in building a local development cluster for small centralized storage technology for renewable energy (Sodium batteries, Swiss2Grid).

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BatteryConsult is a development company for sodium batteries. The company’s CEO, Cord Dustman, is a senior expert in sodium batteries and electric mobility (30 years experience) He and his team are currently developing a second generation sodium battery for small and mid scale local stationary storage for renewable energies. The company is based in Meiringen (near KWO) and funded by the innovation fund of the Brazilian electricity sector FINEP.

What we do in the project

Besides the participation to the general work packages (Project Management, Information and Publicity, Investigation) KWO and BatteryConsult will make following contributions: 
  • Develop and build second use batteries for stationary storage. This implies a quality selection method for used cells of EV batteries, a new package design, a new battery controller as well as a storage device controller (Swiss2Grid). The gained experience of battery consults life prediction modeling will be used to build long term operational 2nd use batteries.
  • Computer simulation of a big number of second use storage devices (bidirectional) and EVs (unidirectional) in order to apprehend the integration challenges of local renewable production and storage devices.
  • Execution of pilot tests of the system (second use battery and Swiss2Grid algorithm).

BatteryConsult and KWO shall of course share the gained experience regarding electric mobility, battery rental (45 EV-batteries in rental scheme) and grid stabilization as well as large scale storage with pumped hydro and regulation power for the swiss grid.



Contact Data

Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG
Grimselstraße 19
CH-3862 Innertkirchen

Contact Person

Max Ursin, Senior Consultant
Phone: +41 33 982 20 56
Fax: +41 33 982 20 05 



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