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Who we are

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Agire is the local energy agency of the province of Mantova. It was created in 2006 to promote and apply locally european energy policies for the restrain of the greenhouse effect, in particular increasing the energy saving and the renewable energy production. Agire is in charge of an ongoing rewiew of the provincial energy plan and ist application. Juridically is a non-profit consortium company with limited liability, composed by public and private partners.

Agire has been implementing different projects in the area:

  • AlpEnergy, about virtual power system (VPS) and the local use of the renewable energy sources (RES) production
  • EGS about energy education and governance
  • Province of Mantova Energy Plan
  • Energy saving kit distribution
  • DanubEnergy about integrated generation of fuel from biomass (IFBB)
  • LiCEA about energy audit tool for SMEs in a LCA approach
  • Public lighting management
  • Local mini-hydro potentiality on rivers and irrigation canals
  • Miscanthus chain experimentation
  • Support to local municipalities to the covenant of Majors
  • Regional energy cluster

What we do in the project

Agire will continue to improve the VPS installed during the Alpenergy project in Suzzara, supporting the Province of Mantova. The VPS will be completed integrating the local sustainable mobility, considering it both as user and storage, and of course the benefits of the service itself.

The possible applications that will be analized are:

  • EV (cars, scooters and bikes) charching stations connected to the VPS and managed in order to respect the VPS energy forecast.
  • Biogas service station for connected to the VPS to increase the options for control, regulation and storage.
  • New smart services for the sustainable mobility implemented by Euroimpresa.

The most feasible application will be implemented and connected to the existing VPS. The result could be a model for many new applications in the public lighting management project under development by the Agire partner TEA.


Contact Data

AGIRE - Local Energy Agency
Piazza Sordello / Nr. 43
46100 / Mantova


Contact Person

Nicola Galli
Phone: +39 (0)376 229694
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